The entire five-fold ministry is needed to bring the Church to maturity in Christ!

Each Masterbuilders leader imparted their gift during the Annual Retreat in 2019. We uploaded each speaking session here so you can get a sense of the benefit each five-fold gift brings. To learn more about each speaker, go to our “team” page.


Pete Beck, Jr - “The Heart of the Father”

Neil Silverberg - “True Apostles are Obsessed with the Gospel”


Jeff Oakes - “Intimacy with Jesus”

Steve Fatow - “Why Are We So Afraid of the Prophets?”


Wilson Caimares - “Pastoral Culture Within the Church“

Reggie Holiday “Relationship of the Pastoral to the Rest of the Five Fold”


Pete Beck III - “Developing a Culture of Evangelism in the Church”

Tim Atchley - “Developing a Passion for Reaching the Lost”


Mark Freer - “Communicating the Gospel Through Teaching the Bible”

Mark Medley - “Teaching Leaders to Think Generationally”

Mike Osminski - “Teaching Gospel Relevancy to the Modern Culture”