The Gospel

The Gospel is the announcement of what God did in Christ to rectify and restore humanity to a relationship with Himself as well as to establish a new creation in which God’s righteousness , not the taint of sin prevails. It is not only the message that brings us into right relationship with God, but upon which all growth and advancement in God’s kingdom occurs. We are always in need therefore of ever increasing knowledge and understanding of the message of the Gospel.

The Word of God (Written)

God’s written Word is the great truth that God has spoken to the human race by means of a book written by human authors, each of whom were inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit (II Timothy 3:16-17).

The result was sixty-six books that have been recognized by the Church as the authoritative Word of God—not written by men about God (though God used human authors), but a book written by God Himself.

This book therefore, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, is thoroughly sufficient in supplying us with an understanding of the God Who is revealed in its pages. As a result, this book contains an authority no other book in existence has.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Godhead and the Governor of all the work of God on earth. He was not only present and active in creation, he was and is at work throughout all the history of the Church, being the very presence of the Father and Son on earth and the active Agent by which He applies to the heirs of salvation the work of redemption. He is the one who leads and guides the Church in all its work of understanding the truth and advancing the kingdom, the Church being powerless to accomplish this work apart from him.

The Great Commission

Jesus’ original mandate to the apostles, which He gave them just prior to his departure on earth. In it the Church finds its mission. Our Lord exemplified it during his earthly ministry, making it clear through word and deed that He came to establish the kingdom and that through the Church after his departure, the work of advancing that kingdom would continue until the end. It entails therefore both proclaiming the message, serving and loving others, and engaging in the work of continually making disciples from among all nations

Five-fold Ministry

God’s gracious provision of appointing and giving to the Church five unique gifts by which the members of the Church can be practically equipped and fitted out so that each part is working properly and the Church as a whole may reach maximum maturity. Whereas most of the Church world recognizes some of these gifts, MB believes that God has ordained that all five be active in the church.

Relationships and Teams

Masterbuilders is committed to the ‘team’ model of ministry, mirroring the model of the Godhead, which embodies the team concept for all eternity. We recognize that all ministry should flow out of strong, committed relationships which God brings together for various ministry purposes. We believe that this is God’s ordained way of both advancing the kingdom and building up the Church. We are committed to both nurturing existing relationships as well as forming new ones for various kingdom ventures.

Multi-Ethnicity in Life and Ministry

We believe that wherever the kingdom of God is being built, it will express the one new man (Ephesians 2 and Acts 13) through multi-ethnicity and diversity. We seek to build intentional relationships with those from different ethnicities and backgrounds, believing that doing so it is a clear evidence of our unity in Christ.